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New Royal Papworth Hospital

A replacement cladding solution to solve the high rise fire & thermal performance requirements using SuperFOIL SFNC.

The Project:

The New Royal Papworth Hospital has  been designed to combine a highly  efficient clinical layout with a stunning  external appearance. 

Product : SuperFOIL SFNC
Main Contractor : Skanska
Architect : HOK
Project Value : £165m

The New Royal Papworth Hospital has been designed to combine a highly efficient clinical layout with a stunning external appearance. Set in beautifully landscaped grounds, it will capture the essence of the original tuberculosis hospital that is today’s pioneering heart and lung treatment and transplant centre of excellence.
SuperFOIL SFNC non-combustible multi-foil insulation was chosen to meet the high thermal performance requirements of the project while still conforming to the unique blue curved glass cladding system that makes the structure so stunning. SuperFOIL SFNC offers high tech solutions in a Euro Class A1 Non‐Combustible multi-foil insulation system and the only one of it’s kind on the market.

The overall layout of the new hospital supports the care model of creating what are described as ‘discrete zones’ for ambulatory or outpatient care, emergency services, and diagnostic and treatment functions. Each inpatient floor has two nursing units in an innovative double corridor
design that results in a compact, accessible layout. This is aimed at reducing travel distances and direct sight-lines to all patients from the nurses’ stations. The vision that the Trust had was that the patients are always visible to staff. There are four multi‐bed wards, but it is predominantly single rooms.